Who are we?

The Anti Slip Clip is intended to prevent skirts or dresses from blowing up. There are two options. The first is the detachable clip with clip that you can easily put in a handbag. The second option is a fixed system with tie wrap. Both clips are equipped with a scroller that ensures that the skirt or dress does not blow up. Due to conductivity based on the wind strength, you do not feel that it is attached to your skirt or dress. This makes cycling a lot easier and you are not in danger because you can cycle with both hands on the handlebars. This is much safer and more pleasant.

Together with my wife, daughter-in-law and children I invented and tested the Anti Slipclip . Blowing skirts while cycling are now a thing of the past. The Anti Slip Clip is the product that provides safety and comfort . No more hand between your legs or on the thigh and one hand on the steering wheel. Most women recognize this problem. The Anti Slip Clip keeps your skirt or dress low and you can keep both hands on the wheel. The scroll mechanism ensures comfort and safety. This will not damage the fabric.